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Safuratu BAKARE, simply known as Madam Beautifiers, is the Managing Director of the Beautifiers - a firm that concentrates on Total Beauty for today's woman. She started the Beautifiers in 2000 with an office initially in Ikorodu, Lagos.

In 2003, she left Nigeria for the United States where she got trained in Cosmetology at the Houston Training School. She completed the training curriculum in 2004 and got licensed in the state of Texas as a Cosmetologist in the same year. Thereafter she established the Beautifiers as a beauty salon in Bellaire , Houston where she continued developing her passion in making women look beautiful inside and out. While in the US, she attended many fashion fairs and showcased her works at the Dallas annual hair show.

In 2005, she moved to Seoul, Korea to gain in-depth knowledge of the Asian culture and beauty. While in Seoul, she made visits to other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and China in pursuit of her passion.

She re-located back to Nigeria in 2007 and since then has been furthering her passion focusing mainly on beauty make-over and personal beauty consultations. In 2009, she attended a three month long training in Gele (headgear) tying and added this to her line of business.

Following her five (5) years stay in Nigeria, she is presently based in Perth, Australia and advancing her passions in making women beautiful. she continues to wow and dazzle with her unique sense of beauty and designs.

Her works have been featured in many Nigerian Magazines such as the Wedding Planner, Shoppers Choice and more recently is the award given to her by the Chevron Women Network on Gele tying and make-up. She was also nominated for an award for the Total Woman make-Over Category by EFFIZZIE magazine.