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Due to relocation, Event By Beautifiers is selling off its event stuffs at give away prices. Waterwalkerz is a pool and balls that allow children to walk, run, jump, flip on water without getting wet and it is for all ages. It can also be use at home as a pool. Another good thing about the waterwalkerz is that once it is set up, the queue  of children waiting to use it never end until the party comes to a close.

Bodyzorb are inflated balls played by 2 people that allow the riders to roll around, flip over, crash into each other on the field to see the last person standing. It allows the players to play countless hilarious games.

Candy floss machine - This days, children parties are not complete without candy floss. Birthday, children church activities, school activities etc.

We also have blowers available for sale.

Apart from event planners, the waterwalkerz and bodyzorb can be used by individuals in their various home, churches, schools, and estates. In this yuletide season of joy, sharing, and putting smiles on people faces, help to share the word, you may just have put a smile on some children faces. For enquire:, +61  415 848 900, +61 8 93880524, 017100170.

The Chevron Women Invite


On 21st October 2011, we were once again invited by Chevron to help in dressing up the ladies, wives of expartriate employees of this noble company.

Gorgeous Chevron Ladies

It was a colorful event and the beautifiers was splendid. We were once again very successful in projecting the rich culture of the Nigerian woman as we put on a spectacular “Gele” show. We walked the ladies through the art of knotting the “Gele” and how to adorn their heads with these head gears in its different arrays, colors and styles.

At the end, everyone present was full of smiles and wore a picture perfect look with the assortment of “Geles” they had to put on. Since pictures speak better than a thousand words, we encourage you to browse through the pictures by clicking on the gallery tab of this website. Enjoy the “sights and colors” of this ocassion.

Beauty Tip – Age Fighting Ingredients

This month, September 2011, our discussion/tips is going to be on Aging gracefully. I am going to start this series on Alpha-lipoic Acid. Its function. How it is important to us as we age.  The source and supplements.
Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. Antioxidants are substances that attack “free radicals,” waste products created when the body turns food into energy. Free radicals cause harmful chemical reactions that can damage cells in the body, making it harder for the body to fight off infections. Which means your health is at risk if your body is not producing enough alpha-lipoic acid to attract the free radicals.

A healthy body makes enough alpha-lipoic acid. But as we get older we produce less alpha-lipoic acid because of loss of energy, less or lack of exercise,  bad eating habits etc. It has been demonstrated that free radical damage is one of the leading causes of the symptoms we know as aging. As we get older, the levels of free radicals in our bodies increase, causing a decrease in the efficiency of our cells. This leads to a lack of energy, and lower immune system. That is why we  need to eat right (a balance diet – more of vegetables and fruits)and  exercise more as we age.  Reduce your eating out, especially fast food and eat home made food. Another very important point is eating late at night. Try as much as you can to avoid eating late, as the food will not digest, turning into free radical that can damage organs and tissues as we age.

Apart from our body producing alpha-lipoic acid, it can also be found in some of our food, like, red meat, organ meats (such as liver), and yeast. 

Some of the functions of Alpha-lipoic acid is that it can help to lower blood sugar levels, and its ability to kill free radicals may help reduce pain, burning, itching, tingling, etc.


Supplements are also available to assist the alpha-lipoic acid our body produce and the one gotten from our red meat, organ meats and yeast. i.e Ralapure R-Alpha-lipoic acid. Swanson Ultra – Alpha-lipoic Acid.

GNC Acetyl-L-Carnitine Alpha Lipoic Acid. Make sure you read your labels because the ingredients must include ALA. 
Please, consult your doctor before using any supplements/medication.

For more beauty tip visit (Beauty in Totality)

All Natural Beauty Product

Skin Cancer is real and this disease is plaguing scores of people in our generation – young and old. Apart from cancer, there are a host of other diseases and abnormalities that are destroying beautiful skins all around the world. At the Beautifiers, we will help you with time tested and research proven advisories on some of the things that you need to do differently to reduce your exposure to the risks associated with Skin Cancer and related Skin disorders.

You can stay beautiful without sacrificing your good health. This is a true statement and anyone can accomplish this by keeping away from the use of harmful chemicals (often contained in over processed products) and using 100% natural product.

If you are health conscious person and suffering from chemical sensitivities or skin disorders, we would be of tremendous help to you at the Beautifiers. Simply fill out our feedback form ( and one of our certified beauty consultants will contact you.
In the list below, you will find further information that could help you to make informed choices about your appearance and remain an “all Natural Beauty” day in, day out:

Searching for the Truth and Natural – Sorting through the Mess by Debbie Bilezikian. This article throws more light on how to know the ingredients in your products and how to interpret the information contained in product labels.

Chemicals can make you fat by Marj Melchiors. More reasons why we should avoid un-natural products.

Synthetic oleochemical and petrochemical list by Sharon Kinnier. This gives tips on how to detect un-natural ingredients.

Naturally Healthy Skin by Stephanies Tourles

Radiant Beauty, a book written by Mary Beth Janssen.

“Gele” Tying

Have you been to a party and you see a pretty lady all dressed up in a Nigerian attire but with the Gele not complimenting the dress? In our parlance, this is “fashion Suicide” and most times it does an irreparable damage to a woman’s social standing. We often ask the question – What are these people thinking when they left their houses with such a horrible look?

A beautifully tied Gele is a delight to look at and complement a woman’s attire anyday.


Gele - Headgear

Many ladies out there are challenged, and seriously this is alarming, when it comes to choosing the right “Gele” and style to compliment their dressing. You need not die in silence again! The Beautifiers has developed a one week intensive programme to equip you with the “tips and tricks” of tying a beautiful Gele. Whichever style – “Satellite Dish”, “Lexus”, “the Minister’s Wife”, “Full Coverage”, whatever, we are here to help you.

The Beautifiers has chosen the month of April 2011 as the Gele Month. We will be conducting in-house seminars on how to choosele fabrics, keep your Gele and preserve them, tie a good looking and attention grabbing Gele. It’s all about Gele and it’s all about your looks.

Give us a call and we will be glad to schedule your session. Call us on +234 802 588 7299 or send us an email – This will end up to be the single most important call that will change your looks.

The ARISE Fashion Show

LAGOS, the commercial nerve center and the fashion capital of Nigeria is moving up in the fashion world. Recently, ARISE magazine, organized the Arise Magazine Fashion week in the city and it was the bam!

Yours faithfully, the Beautifiers, was invited and when it comes to Beauty we were not lacking. The event that took place between Thursday March 10 and Saturday March 13th 2011 brought notable names in the fashion world to town. It also afforded us, at the Beautifiers, networking opportunities and a platform to showcase our work and to reach out to beautiful minds in the fashion world.

The Beautifiers chatting with the Press.

While there were a few hiccups here and there with the organization, we are pleased to be associated with Thisday and the Arise Magazine in their effort ion consciousness of Nigeria and expose the abundant talents that are available in the country to the international audience.

We are surely looking forward to the fashion week for next year and re convinced that this will be great as well.

Changing our world – one step at a time.

Today, the elections into the executive committee of my Resident Associations were held. I contested for the position of General Secretary and won.

The satisfaction is not in winning but in knowing that I am doing something, that many of our citizens are not doing – offering their services to the community, the states and our country in ways to bring about positive change.

As we all know, the elections to the various elective positions in our country (states, federal legislature and the presidency) will be holding the month of April 2011. While it is too late to contest for elective positions, it is not late to make the decision to go out to vote. Democracy operates on the fundamental principle that power belongs to the people. The power is in the votes that we cast and not the ones we do not while sitting in the comfort of our houses analyzing issues in our nation.

To all our esteemed clients and lovers we , at the Beautifiers, will be out on the three consecutive saturdays in April to vote. Who we will vote for, is a closely held secret and we would not convince you to vote for any particular candidate. We would encourage you to go out to vote. To defend your votes, please take your phone cameras along and feel free to take pictures and record events that have the slightest appearance of being a way to sabotage your votes.

Our votes are necessary and they must count in this election. May the best candidate win knowing fully well that power belongs to God.

Beauty Tips from theBeautifiers

Piccture perfect looks

Smooth, clear, glowing skin is one of the many features of beauty. Facial make-up has a magical quality that appeal to both the cosmetologist and her customer, subtle, emphasizing the client’s most attractive facial features while minimizing those features that are less attractive. Taking into consideration the clients facial structure, the color of the eyes, hair and skin, especially during wedding when the bride have to change her clothes twice or three times, each of the outfit must correspond with the make-up, hear-tie, accessories, shoe and bag.
How can l choose my foundation to get an even coverage?
The success of any make-up depends on the correct color selection and application of the foundation. Foundation is not just another product in the make-up regime, rather, it helps to even skin tone and color, conceal minor imperfection of the skin and protect the skin from climate, dirt, and debris. First know your skin type oily, normal, combination, acne prone, or dry. Normal/dry skin – oil base (liquid foundation). Oily skin – water base (cream to powder foundation).When shopping for foundation, make sure you text before buying, simply apply a thin layer to your chin line, blend and wait for about 30 – 40 seconds, if it is the right color, it blends with your skin or better still ask for color selector which can be used on your skin to select the perfect color. Be careful though when applying your foundation, because too much of it will make your face cake up.

Face wash or cleansing cream for oily/combination skin?
Definitely the face wash, because face wash cuts excess amount of oil. It is a detergent foaming type of cleanser with a neutral or slightly acidic. It cleans the face of its excess oil. Leaving it firm or a little tight. While the cleansing cream is an oil base emulsion good for very dry/matured skin.